Enabling Lucee/Railo on a domain using Tomcat (VPS/Dedicated Only)

IF you have a dedicated server or a VPS with Lucee or Railo installed and want to add more domains / instances to the Railo service please follow these steps:

  1. SFTP or SSH into your server. Most people find it is easier to use a program such as FileZilla and SFTP (Secure) into the server to edit files
  2. Go to the directory: /opt/lucee/tomcat/conf (This is the default install directory we run on servers for Lucee, if you are using Railo then change 'lucee' to 'railo' in your path)
  3. Download / Edit the file: server.xml
  4. Go to the line where it has commented code and has: HOST ENTRY TEMPLATE
  5. Enter new lines after the commented code with the following replacing domain.com with your domain and the docBase with the path on your server to your public_html or wwwroot or httpdocs:

    <Host name="domain.com" appBase="webapps" unpackWARs="true" autoDeploy="true" xmlValidation="false" xmlNamespaceAware="false">
    <Context path="" docBase="/home/username/domain.com" />

  6. Once done upload and overwrite the old file, you may wish to take a backup before uploading over the current server.xml file
  7. Now you need to restart the Lucee service, you can restart the service by SSH'ing into your server and running the following command:

    /etc/init.d/lucee_ctl restart

  8. Allow a up to 30 seconds for the service to restart and then try going to your Lucee web administrator example below:


  9. Finished, you can now set a password for your web administrator and start using CFML on that domain name.
If you need one of our team to do this for you we are always happy to.
*NOTE: Make sure not to have duplicates of the same hosts entry in your server.xml file as this will cause Railo not to start.
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