We have always been conscious about our impact on the environment since we started out back in 2002, more than just going paper free, we focus on ensuring the power we use is as efficient as it can be and selecting environmentally friendly partners.

Along with supporting enviromental groups and projects, we always have our eyes on what we can do in our day-to-day lifes.

  • Great power usage effectiveness (PUE) rating
  • Power efficient data centres
  • Carbon negative with monthly tree planting
  • Using technology to lower power consumption

Liquid Cooling

Up to 70% of the heat generated by a server is captured by liquid which is flowing through pipes, liquid has a much higher heat transfer capacity than air. This lowers the the speed of the servers fans and ensures the hardware is kept cool for the best performance, this in turn increases the life of the servers components.

Currently not available at all locations.

PUE Index

The PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is the index used to measure data center energy efficiency. The lower the number the better the efficiency, we have data center partners with an average index of 1.11.

Data Center Airflow

Our latest data center partners use air cooled directly from the outside. Fresh air passes in front of the servers and air heated by the components is evacuated at the back of the servers. Hot and cold air flow separately.

Eliminating Aircon

The mix between air cooling and water cooling means the need for air conditioning is no longer required. Most of our new data center partners now operate this approach to cooling servers.