List of available VPS Templates

Below is a list of the available templates you can select to use on your Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with us. At any time you can login to SolusVM control panel and use the reinstall OS function to reinstall a new operating system. Please note this would remove all data on your VPS.

  • Linux CentOS 4 (32/64 BIT)
  • Linux CentOS 5 (32/64 BIT)
  • Linux CentOS 5.6 (32/64 BIT)
  • Linux CentOS 6 (32/64 BIT)
  • Debian 6 (32/64 BIT)
  • Ubuntu 8.04 (32/64 BIT)
  • Ubuntu 10.04 (32/64 BIT)
  • Ubuntu 10.10 (32/64 BIT)
  • Ubuntu 11.04 (32/64 BIT)
  • Ubuntu 11.10 (32/64 BIT)

Coming soon:
  • Linux CentOS 5 MineCraft - McMyAdmin (32 BIT)
  • Linux CentOS 6 cPanel VPS Optimized (32/64 BIT)
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