What is FFMpeg

FFMpeg and Red5 are pre-installed with all of our shared and reseller services. FFMpeg & Red5 hosting is a collection of free software that can record, convert and stream digital audio and video. We have many tools packaged with our ffmpeg hosting which converts and encodes videos and audios and allows you to start your own video sharing website!

Features included:

  • FFmpeg, Mplayer, Mencoder, Flvtool2 and FFmpeg-PHP all preinstalled
  • Fully compatible with ClipShare, PHPMotion, VideoShare and other Youtube Clones
  • PHP5 preinstalled with Libogg, Libvorbis and LAME MP3 Encoder
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FFMpeg Path

To use FFMpeg on your hosting please set the to: /usr/bin/ffmpeg