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MailChannels makes your mail servers safer by preventing IP blacklisting, outbound SPAM, and compromised accounts.

We have partnered with MailChannels to provide reliable SMTP relay services to our customers. If you have a VPS or a dedicated server then MailChannels can help ensure your emails get delivered successfully every time.

Fully cPanel & Plesk compatible, easily integrate MailChannels into your hosting control with the MailChannels plugins.

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With MailChannels

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Designed to track SPAM

MailChannels Cloud is the only email sending service that scans your outgoing email, blocks the SPAM, and then notifies you of the users or scripts responsible for spamming so you can shut them down. Spammers consume your valuable network and server resources: shut them down quickly with MailChannels Cloud.

Easy to deploy

Sending email through MailChannels Cloud is as simple as configuring a “smart host” in your mail server settings. MailChannels Cloud integrates with Microsoft® Exchange Server, Odin™ Plesk, cPanel, SmarterMail, Exim, Postfix, Sendmail, IceWarp and any other mail server that supports SMTP authentication.


There is no long-term commitment or hidden fees with the MailChannels Cloud. Pricing is based on email volume only. You can send from unlimited domains, email addresses and servers.

Fully automated

MailChannels Cloud requires no ongoing maintenance or tweaking. Start sending today and never look back.

Highly deliverable

Intelligent systems monitor delivery statistics and adjust sending behaviour to maximise the likelihood that your email will reach the inbox. Never see another blacklist error again.

Scalable and reliable

MailChannels Cloud automatically scales to accommodate your email volume. Servers located in nine different data centers in three countries ensure continuous and reliable operation.

50K From as little as
£ 45 /mo (inc VAT)(ex VAT)
Overage Rate £1.50/1000 emails.
  • 50,000 Monthly Email Sends
  • Usage Stats
  • Free Control Panel Plugins
100K From as little as
£ 60 /mo (inc VAT)(ex VAT)
Overage Rate £1.00/1000 emails.
  • 100,000 Monthly Email Sends
  • Usage Stats
  • Free Control Panel Plugins
Custom From as little as
£ Custom /mo
Completely Custom Solution.
  • Custom Monthly Email Sends
  • Usage Stats
  • Free Control Panel Plugins
Host Media using MailChannels

If you would like to learn more about our partnership with Mail Channels, you can read more on our blog.

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