PaaS Hosting

Run Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby, GO and Docker-based applications using a rich variety of the most popular SQL and NoSQL databases, application servers, load balancers, cache servers and storage containers straight out-of-the-box.

Unlike other hosting services Jelastic is billed by pre-paid credit and you are only charged for the resources you actually use. We offer a range of refill packs that you can order from your client portal or from within Jelastic.

Pricing Model
Pay only for the resources you really consume

PaaS Pricing

£0.0045 /hour

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Each Cloudlet is made up of 128 MiB of RAM and 500 MHz of CPU. Disk space is charged per GB used at a rate of £0.00015 per hour. The more Cloudlets you add the more discount you will get - view discounts.

Internal traffic between servers within your environment is always free and the first 1GB of internet traffic every hour (approx. 700GB a month) is also completely free. Any usage above that is charged at £0.0001 per GB per hour.

Easy to Deploy

Deploy your Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, GO and Python applications using Docker, GIT, SVN, archives or integrated plugins like Maven, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans and IntelliJ IDEA.

Easy to Scale

Scale your applications vertically and horizontally automatically during load spikes. The traffic is evenly distributed with load balancer across multiple instances.

Easy to Manage

The developers dashboard provides the topology wizard, deployment manager, access to log and config files, team collaboration functionality and integration with CI/CD tools.

Your Personal DevOps
Developers can focus on their perfect setup

Load balancer & Scaling with 1 click

Get the benefits of HTTP load balancing with the NGINX, Varnish, HAProxy and Apache load balancers stacks.

Load balancing ensures high system availability through the distribution of workload across multiple components. Compared to the single instance usage, such an approach ensures greater reliability through redundancy.

You can expand the number of instances running under your load balancers at any time, as well as increasing the number of load balancers you run.

Git/SVN Support

Connect your repository to your environments and have your code deploy automatically after you’ve push to a defined branch. This is all managed through your projects within Jelastic and greatly increases the productivity of developers.

Scaling Triggers

No one wants to be woken up by alerts that services are down due to lack of resources, this is where scaling triggers come in. You can adjust your services to resize up and down based on the current usage. For example, you can set the instance to increase by one if the CPU reaches 75% and decrease when it goes down to 25%. You also only pay for the resources used, so you no longer need to create large complicated setups just to handle a spike in traffic.

The Jelastic Service

Learn how Jelastic can help your apps perform better and save you money.

Pay as You Use

Find out how Jelastic charges only for the resources you use.

DevOps Platform with Containers

See how the Jelastic platform works as your devops platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Cloudlets do I need?

That is one of the main benefits of our Jelastic PaaS hosting, you can't know for sure how many Cloudlets you need when your application is open to the public. That’s why buying fixed resources is a bad idea, and why it’s much better to pay for your actual resource usage.

How do I find my Cloudlet usage?

You can view real time Cloudlet resource consumption within the dashboard alongside your environment, and each individual server within it.

How does the trial work?

Unlike other trials there is no fixed period for you to try our Jelastic PaaS hosting, when you sign up to the trial you will receive a total of £11 worth of credit (your £1 sign up fee + £10 free credit from us).

Can I host multiple domains?

Jelastic is designed for large single domain hosting inside each environment, however it is possible to host multiple domains by creating multiple separate environments, or by editing your virtual hosts in your web server configuration.

Does Jelastic offer email hosting?

Jelastic does allow sending of emails but we highly recommend using external mail services such as MailChannels, SendGrid or your own SMTP server. If you have any questions about external mail services please contact our sales team who will be happy to help.

Can I share access to my environment with my developer?

Jelastic is perfect for teams! Once you've setup your account and created your environment, you can select from two access levels – admin, where your developer can make changes to your environment topology, or view, where your developer can work with your existing environment topology only.

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Sign up today for just £1 and receive £10 worth of free credit to play with. Once you have used up your credit just use the refill options available within your client portal or within Jelastic.

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