Installing Mura CMS (Version 5)

Installing Mura CMS 5 is a simple process and even simpler when on a local machine. The difference between the setup is due to being on a shared environment and being on a Linux OS for permissions on files.

We have put together this install guide for Mura.


  1. Download Mura from the website
  2. Unzip and upload the contents of the 'www' folder
  3. Create a database and setup your ColdFusion DSN / Data Source Name
  4. Change the permissions of the folder 'config' to 777
  5. Change the permissions of the folder 'default' to 777
  6. Change the permissions of the file 'settings.ini.cfm' to 777
  7. Run the install setup of Mura by accessing the directory you uploaded Mura too
  8. Done!

If you have any issues please feel free to contact our team via the support tickets within the client area.

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