Our Company

Host Media was formed in November 2008 by AeonCube Networks. With our range of powerful server resources, we wanted to provide heavy media and application based hosting that will not fail under the stress that is created by media based websites and applications. We continue to use our rule on overselling. We do not do it and will sell what we have, so you know that when you order your hosting plan that the hosting space is dedicated to you, not anyone else.

Being part of the AeonCube Networks (established in 2002) gives us an unlimited number of resources in design, development, server management and even personnel.

Why trust Host Media?


Our servers (UK and worldwide) are monitored 24/7, all year round and with a dedicated support team over looking any issues that may occur. We also test the most popular scripts developed by ourselves and the leading script developers to make sure that whatever type of website you will be running, our servers and operating systems can handle it. We were asked this question so many times in the early stages of starting up Host Media, as many people know that there are thousands of hosting companies offering the same thing. This is hard to compete with, but with our 11 years experience of running successful hosting companies and a team dedicated to providing fantastic support, we are a great company to host with. Since we started over 5 years ago, we have been awarded 5 stars by our customers and review websites. Within our network, we have been running our design and development agency for over 11 years, learning and developing our skills for tasks such as these.

Our background

Host Media was setup by AeonCube Networks in 2008 as a new brand of hosting services, ideal for heavy application based websites. Since 2002, we have been hosting websites and now with Host Media as the face of our hosting solutions we are able to reach a wider audience.

We first started out with our Intel Quad Core Xeons back in 2002 for video media, this was an area we were very interested to get into. With such software technologies as FFMpeg and Ming extensions, it was great to see how people interacted with these services. One major boost in this industry was sites such as YouTube, which was one of the first major video hosting providers on the web. This in turn made many companies want to copy the service for their own clients and customers. This is where we had the perfect hosting enviroment, with our fast network connections worldwide and high processing power to handle thousands of video services every second, we soon become a well known name in media hosting.

Since 2008, we have grown to have servers located all over the world, with more planned in the near future, and have become a major CFML hosting provider which is where our developing roots are. With open-source projects such as Railo we have been able to help make CFML an affordable solution for developers.

We are continuing to grow in the fields of CFML (both Railo and Adobe ColdFusion engines) and our heavy media solutions, but now have a larger team and more resources available to us. This includes offering virtual and dedicated servers with a full management team to help our customers 24/7.

Getting in contact

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