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Reliable PHP, .NET, ColdFusion, Railo and Ruby Web Hosting

We are one of the UK's fastest growing web hosting companies, with websites hosted around the world using tools such as WordPress, MuraCMS, vBulletin and many more. Even though we are UK based, we have our servers located in multiple countries including Germany, United States, United Kingdom and Signapore. Host Media provides a service for any requirement!

cPanel Hosting

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Getting started with web hosting has never been so simple. Use the free website builder to create your site without the need of previous coding knowledge to get the perfect start.

Railo Hosting

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The Railo CFML Engine allows you to use an open-source alternative to the Adobe ColdFusion Engine which allows you to run your CFML based websites and applications more affordably.

VPS Hosting

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Pick from three great locations, over twenty operating systems and a range of addons for your Virtual Private Servers. Best of all everything is handled by our expert team.

Dedicated Servers

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Our fully managed dedicated servers come with Intel processors, 100GB FTP backup space and start from just £49 a month. Select from two data centre locations for your server.

Flexible cPanel hosting

Our range of shared hosting services give you expert solutions, on a budget that suits everyone. You won't find any hidden fees, just easy-to-use hosting.

Best support possible

All our hosting services come fully managed and with a team of experts to help 24/7 you never feel alone. You don't pay extra for this, it's just included.

Security you can count on

Security has never been so important, all our servers are monitored and kept up-to-date to ensure we provide the best level of security possible.